Indians filling the skill-gap in German Industry

very interesting article appeared in yesterday’s leading German business newspaper Handelsblatt focusing on new geo-political realities and immigration. It discusses how Indians are increasingly filling the skill-gap in Germany. Once German society came in terms with the fact that the demographic changes are permanent, its politicians, various ministries, industry, unions, chambers of commerce, foreign missions etc. made cohesive efforts to build and attract the required talent – with a long-term perspective.

Among others, the efforts involved – attracting foreigners towards learning about German language and culture through Gotheinstitut Max Mueller Bhavan,  aggressively engaging foreign students throughDAAD-German Academic Exchange Service with higher education options in Germany, taking efforts through Bertelsmann Foundation in finding out “How to improve the migration experience of highly skilled migrants and students from India”. BVMW – German Association of SMEs together with ProRecognition of Indo-German Chamber of Commerce conducted survey linking Indian students/professionals with the Mittelstand (German SMEs). Two weeks ago German Government approved the new skilled labour immigration law making it easier for German companies to hire from outside the EU.

The consorted efforts carried out with consistency and persistence are praise-worthy, and seem to be paying off. Indeed a win-win situation for both the countries – India and Germany!

(Thanks to Handelsblatt, BVMW, ProRecognition, Indien-Dialogue)

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